MEPHISTO „Mephisto" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 26th January 2018

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05.12.2017Release News

The release date of the of the album „Mephisto“ by the German Power/Speed Metal Band MEPHISTO on CD is January 26th, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on January 12th, 2018 in our webshop. The album will be released in a limited Edition of 500 copies (handnumbered), with 6 Bonustracks, certificate and hologram.

In the year 1988 the classic mideighties Heavy Metal in the style of GRAVESTONE, NOISEHUNTER, STORMWITCH and many others was already threatened from the harder wave of Speed and Thrash Metal. So MEPHISTO took a bit of the faster early HELLOWEEN, a bit more of BLIND GUARDIAN and mixed it with their own ideas and the typical German trademarks.

The musical ability was high and in comparison, both albums are more or less equal strong, but the first album was released only in micro quantity, so it is the more rare of both and finally with this edition a gap will be filled in many collections!   

1. Prologue - Mephisto
2. X-Rays
3. In Dubio Contra Reum
4. Save Your Rights
5. Battle of Kerovnia
6. Holy Child
7. Prologue – Mephisto (Demo, Bonustrack)
8. X-Rays (Demo, Bonustrack)
9. In Dubio Contra Reum Rays (Demo, Bonustrack)
10. Senseless Marchin (Demo, Bonustrack)
11. Aliens (Demo, Bonustrack)
12. Battle of Kerovnia (Demo, Bonustrack)
Playing Time: 73:37 min

Uwe Suerick – vocals, guitars
Andreas Rippelmeier – guitars
Wolfgang Mann – drums
Marc Schulz – bass
Andrés Hladik – guitars