JACKWAVE „King Of The Sea" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 21st August 2020

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21.07.2020Release News

The release date of the of the album „King Of The Sea“ by the Sweden Heavy Metal Band JACKWAVE as CD is August 21st, 2020. The pre-order phase will start on August 7th, 2020 in our webshop. The album will be released in a limited Edition of 500 copies (handnumbered), certificate and hologram. 

The swedish band JACKWAVE was active only in a short three year period beginning in 1985. A changing of bandmembers ended the career from these young hopefuls fast. Two bands playing a similar Heavy Metal style are much more well known today: IRONCROSS from Finland and.... HEAVY LOAD...the domestic competitors.

The songwriting was on the same high level and even the vocals were powerful and high class! But JACKWAVE made only two 7inchs and two demo tapes spreading over the world only in self distribution. By living not in a big town, but Boxholm, which probably nobody outside of Sweden knows, it was defnitely impossible to reach a useful number of Metal fans without a strong label in the background.

So today the band JACKWAVE is only known to a few specialists. With the reedition of all the material the band made during their time of existing, this will hopefully change a bit. There is a bunch of strong songs which probably will fascinate the listener even over 30 years after their appearance.

1. Wardance ('86)
2. No Feeling
3. Fast Breath
4. King Of The Sea
5. I'll Be There
6. Fight For Your Life
7. Wardance ('87)
8. Rising Star
9. Release Me
Total Playing Time: 33:39 min

Janne Person, Mikael Abbe Sjöström, Benke Broman – vocals
Johan Pettersson, Björn Bönne Holtensson, Mats Heinebäck – bass
Johan Pettersson, Fredric Linderoth – guitars
Toni Lindgren, Janne grunditz – guitars solo
Stefan Axelsson, Mathias Abrahamsson – drums